July 28, 2017

I love me some halo eye.

I have run out of my favorite Inglot brow liner and I'm surprised how I'm not currently panicking. But I bet you haven't even noticed that they look a bit different than usually. 


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  1. Such a pretty look. *.*
    How do you like that Catrice concealer? I was thinking of trying it. And what is it like in comparison to NYX HD and Essence Camouflage if you have any of them? :)

    1. Thank you, sweetie (:
      I absolutely love this concealer. It's actually been a constant in my collection for a solid year and a half and currently I have 9 backups (I just went to recount, scared that I have only 3, haha), so I think it says quite a lot about my love and dedication for it.
      NYX's HD is a lighter formula and it dries down quite matte. I would prefer it more for spot concealing as it doesn't oxidize that much as Catrice (for under the eyes it works great even with oxidizing). Essence Camouflage is a pass for me, because it didn't gie me the results I'm used to with Catrice.
      If you can get your hands on Catrice (it's usually sold out here, well the shade 010) then you definitely should. Everyone that I have converted to this concealer loves it! :)

    2. Thank you for such a detailed and helpful reply. In that case I will definitely get it when I visit my boyfriend (he is in Germany and Im in Serbia, we dont have Catrice here). You are so nice. :)