A Promise To Myself

May 23, 2018
Only when you stop for a moment, you realize how fast time flies.
Tikai tad, kad Tu apstājies, Tu saproti cik ļoti ātri laiks skrien.

Go Un-Nude With Attitude aka Maybelline

May 15, 2018
Let's be honest some beauty releases are more exciting than others. Even if the new release is a set of additional nude shades to an already existing lipstick line. Yes, you have guessed right - this new release got me super excited! And you should be too! 
Atklāti runājot, daži skaistumkopšanas jaunumi ir daudz interesantāki un satraucošāki nekā citi. Pat ja šis "jaunums" ir vienkārši nude toņu papildinājums jau eksistējošai  lūpu krāsu kolekcijai. Jā, Tu pareizi uzminēji - šīs jaunās lūpu krāsas ir kolosāls jaunums! Es esmu super priecīga un tādai vajadzētu būt arī Tev!

Why I'm Getting Back To Blogging

May 14, 2018
I remember the time when I had a looong, long list on Bloglovin that I opened and refreshed every morning, to see what new my favorite bloggers and fellow blogging buds had published. I want to bring that time back! I miss long product review posts and curated outfit/style posts. I miss the time when me and my sister would plan outfits for the next day just so we could take photos of them. Sometimes we even photographed multiple outfit photos in one day. We were creative, always thinking about creating new content. So it's time. I'm getting back to blogging.

The Most Glitz Face Mask You Have To Try

May 11, 2018
I've never been a huge face mask fanatic. Let's be real, half a year/a year ago I didn't even have a proper skincare routine. I would just take off my makeup with a micellar water, use a moisturizer occasionally, mostly only in the mornings, scrub my face in the shower once or twice a week, if I'd remember, and use a face mask maybe once in two months. But that all has changed over the past months. I guess turning twenty seven made me stop for a second and face the fact that I'm not getting younger, so I should prooobably start thinking about my skincare more, especially because I daily love to play with a lot of makeup.

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March 24, 2018

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